Housing and Harm Reduction Outreach Support Worker for Unsheltered Individuals – Applicants Reviewed on June 26th

Peers is hiring a Housing & Harm Reduction Outreach Support Worker for Unsheltered Individuals! Please see the posting below:


COVID Housing and Harm Reduction Outreach Worker – June 2020



Trans, Non-Binary, and Two-Spirit Inclusion & Outreach Worker job posting – Applicants reviewed June 20th and ongoing

Peers is hiring a TN2S inclusion and outreach worker! Please see the posting below:


TN2S Inclusion Outreach Worker – 2020 – Peers Victoria

Results of our Trauma-Informed Peer Counselling Training for Sex Workers in Victoria

This peer counselling training program was requested by Peers’ program participants and staff in order for community members to learn concrete skills to provide peer-to-peer mental health supports.

This training is important because mental wellness & stigma are important issues impacting sex workers, however sex workers often face barriers and a lack of access to mental health services.

In light of this, peer counselling & community care is important. Peer support models for sex workers have also been shown to be effective in the areas of health promotion and harm reduction. Peer support has also been useful for supporting folks living with depression and other mental health issues across vulnerable populations.

This 10-week counselling training program was funded through an Island Health Community Wellness grant and carried out in partnership with researchers at the University of Victoria.

Read more about our training program and its outcomes for the community here!



Service Changes in Response to COVID-19

Service Changes to Peers Until the End of June 2020, Effective May 15th, 2020

Due to the COVID 19 virus, we are reorienting our services to increase social distancing. Our aim is to decrease contacts while still having opportunities to connect and receive basic supplies.  Right now, the schedule for drop off supplies is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Phone support and texts can be received daily.

***Night Outreach is back! The van is currently operating Monday to Friday, 6:30-10:30***

***We are looking to suspend meal deliveries and reopen our drop-in center in a limited capacity starting June 15th, 2020. More to follow.***

Drop In: Services at the drop in center will be by appointment or door service Monday Wednesday and Friday from 11-1. We will have food, harm reduction supplies and bus tickets to hand out, but we are discouraging folks from entering the centre unless it is an emergency. We are planning to transition from meal deliveries back to limited drop-in services starting June 15th! More to follow.

Night Outreach:  Night Outreach has now restarted! Our van is out in the community providing food, hard reduction supplies, and support from Monday – Friday, 6:30-10:30.

Housing and Harm Reduction Outreach: Staff can be reached by phone during their usual hours and we will be providing phone support and arranging drop off harm reduction and food (and other essentials).

There will be NO GROUPS at Peers Victoria including SACRED, Men’s Dinner, Indoor, and Trans and Non-Binary, Night Outreach, Drop in until further notice.

CounsellingCarin will be available for counselling sessions as usual during this time, but will be switching to phone only. Sessions can be booked by contacting Carin via email at carinfreimond@protonmail.com Usual hours are Mon-Thurs from 11am-3pm. Sessions outside of these hours may be possible as well, so people can inquire when they email if these hours don’t work for them.

Phone Numbers:

Admin/Operations/Volunteers 250.388.5325 ex. 2 Answered Monday to Wednesday 11-4

Drop-In: 250-388-5325 ex. 1 Answered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 11-3

Housing: 250.415.1874 Answered Monday to Thursday 10-4; text anytime

Harm Reduction: 250.217.0410 Answered Monday to Thursday 10-4; text anytime

Men’s Program 250.217.1386 Answered Monday to Thursday 10-4; text anytime

Night Outreach 250.744.0171 Answered Monday to Friday 6:30-10:30; text anytime

Prevention: 250.217.5937 Tuesday to Thursday 12-4; text anytime

Program Coordinator 236.638.2311; text anytime

Volunteers and Students: All volunteer and student shifts are cancelled until further notice.

FacebookYou can message us on our FB page @PeersVictoria


Executive Director: ed@peers.bc.ca

Admin/Operations/Volunteer: admin@peers.bc.ca

Drop-In: dropin@peers.bc.ca

Housing: housing@peers.bc.ca

Harm Reduction: health@peers.bc.ca

Men’s Program: men@peers.bc.ca

Night Outreach: outreach@peers.bc.ca

Prevention: prevention@peers.bc.ca

Program Coordinator: programcoordinator@peers.bc.ca

For More Info about COVID 19: https://www.islandhealth.ca/learn-about-health/diseases-conditions/novel-coronavirus-information

Temporary Motel Outreach Worker(s) Job Posting – Application Deadline MAY 15, 2020

Job Posting – Motel Outreach Worker(s) – Application Deadline MAY 15, 2020

Letter writing campaign for economic justice for sex workers in COVID-19 response plan

Join the letter writing campaign for economic justice for sex workers in COVID-19 response plans. Ota Strange, a local sex worker, put together the attached letter template. Find addresses, links and templates here: Sex Workers and Canadas Economic and Safety Supports_