The core values that inform Peers as an organization, what makes us hold a respected and unique presence in our community include our commitment to:

The experiential voice

As an agency we ensure the experiential voice is prioritized and represented on our board of directors, and among our staff. This means that people currently or formerly in the sex industry are well represented throughout our organization alongside allies. This helps us create a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment based on the leadership of sex workers.

Non judgmental, client-centred service

We believe in meeting people where they are to provide them with the services they identify they need at any given point in time. Our organization helps identify systemic barriers that our clients encounter and works to individualize services so people can realize their immediate and long-term goals.

Harm Reduction

Our goal is to support our clients’ safety by providing them with services and resources that reduce harms while fostering empowerment.

Social Justice

We believe every person, regardless of their occupation, age, gender, race or ethnicity, ability or socio-economic status, deserves equal rights and benefits. Alongside many other organizations in Canada and internationally, we advocate for the rights of sex workers and provide opportunities for people to learn about and become involved in addressing stigma.