Sexworkstories #1 #Connie

Sexworkstories #2 #Celine

Sexworkstories #3 #Cyrus

Sexworkstories #4 #Toni

Sexworkstories #5 #Ricki

Sexworkstories #6 #Lisa

Chronicles From Dis Trick to Stroll: A compilation of stories, poetry, photos and other art by members of Peers Victoria Resources Society.  Thank you to Rachelle McKay who coordinated this project and compiled the materials as part of her graduate program in Indigenous Governance (UVic).

Welcome to our #sexworkstories series, which will introduce you to some of the most diverse, interesting, resilient and entrepreneurial people in our community.

Like all of us, sex workers are much more than what they do for a living. These stories remind us that every sex worker has an individual story. They have their own reasons for getting into the industry, their own varied opinions on the work, and their own reasons for staying or leaving. As you will learn, some love their work while others want a change. Some just see it as a job—a rationale option with identifiable benefits.

The purpose of this series is to challenge the stereotypes that exist about sex workers, and in the process start to tackle the stigma associated with the work. Human beings lead diverse, complex, and contradictory lives. Sex workers are no different. We hope #sexworkstories gives you the chance to get to know a few of them.