Core Programs & Services

peersSpace-9926-circleDrop-In Centre/Wellness Clinic: The drop-in program provides daily lunch, educational workshops, recreational and social activities, a bi-weekly health clinic, access to harm reduction supplies and information, monthly legal support from a volunteer lawyer, support staff, computers, and a household and clothing room.

Location: #1-744 Fairview Road, Victoria
Phone: 250.388.5325 (ext. 100)
Hours: 11:00 am – 2:30 pm Monday to Thursday

Health Support and Outreach: Providing one to one support in the community, this outreach worker supports individuals to optimally access a range of health and allied services. In addition to supporting access to medical care, this worker also supports access to critical health enhancing resources such as housing, food security, income, and social support. This program is primarily aimed at those affected by communicable conditions (HIV/AIDS and HCV) and/or acute health care needs.

Phone 250.744.7690
Hours: 11:00 am — 3:00 pm Monday to Wednesday

Night Outreach: Night outreach is a community-based service located on the Victoria stroll. Each evening, two support staff deliver food, harm reduction supplies (e.g., needles, crack kits, and water), clothing, and other health and safety oriented information and supports from the Peers van.

Phone: 250.744.0171
Hours: 6:30 pm — 11:00 pm Daily

Housing and Community Support: This program supports our clients in finding and keeping stable, affordable housing. Peers administers 14 small housing subsidies on behalf of BC Housing through this program, targeting in particular the clients who are leaving transitional shelter and ready to seek market housing. The Housing and Community Support worker also networks extensively with other community agencies who provide supported housing and emergency/transitional housing. This program is primarily aimed at those affected by chronic and episodic homelessness.

Phone: 250.388.5325 local 105
Hours: 10:00 am — 3:00 pm Monday to Thursday

Violence Prevention & Response: A program focusing on education and support services aimed to prevent/respond to violence, and increase access to support/justice services for people who have experienced harm.

Daytime Phone: 250.388.5325 (ext.101)

Victoria “Bad Date & Aggressor” Sheet: Staff working across the above programs compile and distribute a “bad date”sheet and work with the Victoria Police in reporting violence against persons in the sex industry and to assist in follow up investigations and justice processes. To report a bad date, please contact any of the programs.

If you want to be added to the mailing list when our bad date/aggressor report is updated, please contact us.

Daytime Phone: 250.388.5325
Night Outreach Phone: 250.744.0171
Email: or

Men and Trans* Outreach: An outreach program for men and trans* individuals in the sex industry. Group education and individual health supports are offered in community and at the Peers Victoria office.

Phone: 250.217.1386 (ext.108)
*Please note, this program runs two days per week. If your inquiry is urgent, please contact the drop-in program ( or Phone: 250.388.5325 ext.100)

Indoor Workers Dinner and Education Group: A monthly dinner group for sex workers in independent and agency based indoor environments. This group meets to build community, share safety and advocacy concerns and solutions, and to gain access to key support providers in the community. Each month the group meets for dinner and one or two guest speakers representing local services (lawyers, police, members of government, tax and accounting specialists, health providers) chosen by the group attend and answer questions. For more information on joining this group, contact:

Phone: 250.388.5325 (ext. 104)

Small Business Training Program:

Our program prepares you for dealing with the following: credit and debt, taxes, bookkeeping and budgeting, math anxiety, sales and marketing, how to plan a social enterprise, and saving for retirement. We bring in successful people who have started their own businesses to provide practical information and advice.

On completing the program you will have a current resume, a personal business plan that can be used to apply for a Community Micro Loan, and an understanding of how to plan a social enterprise.

To participate please fill out an application by September 15th, 2016 for the 2016-17 session. Classes begin September 26th, 2016 and will go to February 23rd, 2017. The schedule this year will include meeting twice a week on Mondays (2:30 – 5:30) and Thursdays (2:30 – 4:30) for a total of five hours of contact hours per week. Snacks provided. We will also be doing one-on-one coaching classes weekly as needed. Applications are available through our Drop-In Program or by contacting Julie, our program coordinator.

Program Coordinator Email:
Administrator Email:
Phone: 250.388.5325 (ext. 110)

The Jannit Rabinovitch Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is named after Jannit Rabinovitch, feminist and community activist, and one of the co-founders of Peers Victoria Resources Society in 1995. She continued to support Peers until the end of her life (2007). The scholarship provides funds to support current and former sex workers to pursue education and job training. For more information about the application process:

Phone: 250.388.5325 (ext. 110)

Public Education: Peers’ staff deliver research and practice based public education to a variety of groups in the community.

Phone: 250.388.5325 (ext. 104)

With thanks, we acknowledge that Peers’ programs are funded by the following: