Peers Victoria is launching a new community consultation project to make our services more relevant, accessible, and safe for Trans, Nonbinary, and Two-Spirit Sex Workers!


Trans, non-binary and two-spirit (TN2S) people, especially trans women, are disproportionally represented in the sex trade. These people are more likely to experience economic marginalization, unstable housing, unmet physical and mental healthcare needs, gender-based violence, harassment and stigma. These same experiences make it difficult to access service and support organizations. Not to mention that some of these experiences happen in attempting to or while accessing services. There is a lack of information and we are exploring this gap.


Peers is holding a series of consultations with the TN2S sex worker community to discover how to make essential services for sex workers safer, more accessible and more relevant to the needs of the TN2S community.


We are beginning this project with an online survey that will help ensure our attempts to improve services at Peers will be guided by the self-identified needs of the community we serve. As always, Peers prioritizes the experiential voice. This is key in authentic learning and exploring real solutions.


If you identify as a Trans, Nonbinary, or Two-Spirit sex worker (current or former) and would like to participate, please check out our survey below:


For more information about this project, please email or call 236.638.3340