#Rolls4Strolls Reaches Goal!!

A most wonderful gift arrived for Peers Victoria this week, and just in time for our 20th birthday party on Friday. The Lake family donated $11,000 to our #Rolls4Strolls campaign – which means we have reached our goal!

It’s hard to put in words just how excited we were at this generous donation, which means we’ll be able to start shopping now for a used RV or camperized van for our late-night outreach team to use as a mobile drop-in on Victoria’s outdoor sex work strolls. We’ve had amazing community support throughout the campaign; the gift from the Lake family tops off three months of individual donations, personal fundraisers staged to benefit Peers, events hosted by our remarkable supporters The Tuesdays, and challenges launched by Peers board members and staff to bring in donations from their friends and families.

Thank you to everyone who helped us realize our campaign goal! And we hope you’ll continue to support Peers, as the fundraising never really ends for us. One major milestone achieved, many more ahead.