Peers Powers Our People Up Fundraiser

“Without Peers, in this time of COVID 19, I would have no food, shelter or support.”-Marnie

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Please help us raise $30,000 this month by dollar for dollar matching a generous donation of up to $15,000 from a community member with a big heart.

Peers Powers Our People Up Emergency Fund is for current and former sex workers in Victoria. Many are falling through the cracks of the emergency response to COVID-19 because they don’t meet the eligibility criteria for federal and provincial government aid.
We’ll use these funds flexibly to help people make ends meet over the coming month. 100% of the proceeds will go towards emergency rent supports to prevent housing loss, food and basic necessities and hygiene and prevention supplies.Peers community members are experiencing a loss of income, some new expenses due to social distancing, and a loss of access to the supports they used prior to this pandemic.Although the focus of the Peers Powers Our People Up fund is on the Peers community, other current Vancouver Island sex workers will be considered. We sincerely appreciate any assistance or support you might be able to provide.