Happy birthday to us!


We marked our 20th anniversary on Oct. 27. And what an exciting two decades it has been since the day that Peers Victoria was given life through the efforts of a group of local women working together on the Downtown Women’s Project.

That project went on to become Sandy Merriman House, now operated by Cool Aid Society. And Peers went on to become one of the country’s first sex-worker-led non-profits, modelled initially as a kind of “Prostitiutes Anonymous” and later developing into a full-service drop-in centre, outreach service, leadership incubator and more led by and for sex workers.

Read all about our early days here. We are indebted to the late Jannit Rabinovitch and Barb Smith for their role in founding Peers. Then and now, we serve and support a population that is misunderstood, stigmatized and judged on a regular basis by the rest of the world, yet are some of the most creative, resilient and brave people we know.  We are proud to be an organization that stands alongside sex worker organizations all around the world in the fight for human rights, dignity and respect.